Exclusive Event from NYC: Premieres Online 8 PM ET Wednesday October 2

The World's First UNBEATABLE
Stock-Picking System

“If You’ll Join Me This Wednesday at 8 PM ET, I Guarantee To Show You

How You Can Make You More Money, With More Certainty

Than Almost ANY Other Investment You May Have Tried In Your Life…”

“If You’ll Join Me This Wednesday at 8 PM ET, I Guarantee To Show You How You Can Make You More Money, With More Certainty Than Almost ANY Other Investment You May Have Tried In Your Life…”

Featuring “Wall Street’s #1 Most Trusted Insiders”

Jason Bodner

Partner, and Director of Equity Derivatives North America, Cantor Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President, Jefferies Banking Group

Luke Downey

Equity Derivatives, Cantor Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President, Jefferies Banking Group

Guest Experts


Craig Logrande

The man who headed up Research Sales for Bloomberg Tradebook

Louis Navellier

The $2.5 billion asset manager Forbes called “King of the Quants”

David Hamilton

A Master of Data Science from NYU, who has traded hundreds of billions of dollars for BNP Paribas and JP Morgan

Gordon Scott

Former Managing Director of the Chartered Market Technicians Program

John Zhong

Quantitative Analyst at Citi, New York with a Masters in Financial Engineering from Cornell


This May Go Down As
SPECIAL EVENT In Our Company’s History

Dear Reader,

This Wednesday October 2nd, get ready –for the one event this year almost guaranteed to change your life.

If you have any money in the market… If you are saving or investing for your retirement… Or if you’re sitting on the sidelines… this may be the most important investment event you ever see…

Because for the first time ever, Wall Street veterans Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey are holding a rare event in New York City, where they’ll be joining a panel of experts to reveal a breakthrough almost a decade and a quarter of a million dollars in the making…

This is completely different from anything else you have ever seen or heard before…

It’s the first algorithmic stock-picking system built exclusively by Wall Street insiders to help other Wall Street insiders identify the biggest stock market winners of tomorrow, today…

It’s an entirely new method of investing that could make you more money, with more certainty, than any investment you may have tried before in your life…

As far as we know, nothing like this has ever been offered to the general public.

And you’ve made a great decision to join us.

Because without taking BIG RISKS with your money… And without gambling on high-risk investments… you are going to see how – even if you are starting with a small amount of money, and zero experience – you could take all the luck and guesswork out of investing, and grow your wealth – potentially life-changing wealth – almost inevitably…

This is the untold story of the scientific investment system that could finally help YOU beat the market.

For years, it has been the secret weapon of some of Wall Street’s top traders… hedge fund wizards… and asset managers…


In a series of short videos, over the next few days, Jason and Luke are going to prove it to you by pulling back the curtain to reveal their proprietary algorithmic trading breakthrough…

In short: it’s a powerful automated stock-picking program built on quantitative computer models powered by more than 80 algorithms…

These algorithms incorporate:

The system processes more than a million data points every day after the market closes, and systematically ranks 5,500 companies based on the stock’s perceived potential to become one of the top stocks of tomorrow…

And what they are promising to show you is how they used their unique position on Wall Street – where Jason was one of only a few hundred people in the world with the authority to place billion-dollar trades for the largest institutional clients, including investment banks, ETFs, and pension funds – to develop this system.

The system has been tested and proven by
Ivy League researchers from Cornell and Columbia to:

I know to the average investor these results will sound amazing… almost bordering on the impossible…

But to people who will take just a few moments to understand Jason and Luke’s process, this is an exciting and compelling idea that could completely change your retirement and your life, and put you on the path to your first million dollars over the next 12 months.

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FREE BONUSES FOR ATTENDING: When you register to attend this event, here's what you'll receive:

  • Jason will share 3 exclusive never-before-seen training videos with you explaining the science behind his system, the principles that allow it to make more money, with more certainty, than other investment strategies, and show you exactly why it's capable of producing such exceptional results that it is The World's First Unbeatable Stock-Picking System. (Whether you ultimately decide to use Jason's system or not, just knowing this information is guaranteed to help you make smarter and more profitable investment decisions.)
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  • Private event reminders - to make sure you don't miss a single moment of training, or the main event on Wednesday October 2nd at 8 PM ET
  • 5 FREE Stocks Jason has used his system to identify as the top stocks in today's hottest markets, including: The #1 5G Stock... The #1 Tech Stock... The #1 Gold Stock... The #1 Crypto Stock... And The #1 Cannabis Stock

Plus, you’ll receive additional content and updates, and your chance to claim $5,000 worth of bonus gifts just for attending this event Wednesday night.

This may be the most extraordinary and profitable special event we have ever held in the history of our company. Register now to make sure you don't miss out.

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So were we.

That’s why we took to the streets of New York City to find out what the public thought:

Now for the first time ever, Wednesday October 2nd at 8 PM ET, we’re putting “The World’s First Unbeatable Stock-Picking System” to the ultimate test.

We’ve assembled a panel of outside experts to help prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is indeed the world’s first unbeatable stock-picking system:

It is amazing to have all these people in the one room.

As Palm Beach Research Group editor Teeka Tiwari said: “I’ve worked for years on Wall Street, and I know guys like this wouldn’t come out for just anyone.”

The Ultimate Test—Unquestionable Proof

And LIVE ON CAMERA we’ll be putting this system through its paces, by getting Jason and Luke to walk us through the data, give us a peek under the hood, and use it to identify the #1 stock in five of the hottest market sectors today.

That’s right – you’ll get the names of the The #1 5G Stock…
The #1 Tech Stock… The #1 Gold Stock… The #1 Cryptocurrency Stock…
And the #1 Cannabis Stock detected by the system – for FREE.

If you ask me, it’s worth coming along just to get the names of these stocks. Jason and Luke’s institutional-level clients have paid, and continue to pay, tens of thousands of dollars for access to these ideas.

Because if they’re anything like the stocks Jason’s system has identified in the past, you could be looking at TREMENDOUS outsized gains.

But more importantly, if they perform strongly you’ll be able to see the unquestionable proof with your own eyes that this system is the real deal…

And it is the #1 investment you should consider putting your money in, starting immediately.

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About This Exclusive Event

To be clear, Jason and Luke are not promising you a crystal ball.

As Jason says: “Anyone promising you 100% guaranteed gains in today’s market is either fooling themselves – or trying to fool you.”

As you can see in the chart to the right, Jason and Luke have found literally hundreds of stocks you could have bought that would have paid you 10-to-1 if you just bought right, and held on…

And remember, testing from researchers at Cornell and Columbia confirm this system outperformed Carl Icahn, Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett by as much as 500-to-1 between 1990 and June 30th, 2019.

So unlike most people, Jason and Luke
have the track record to back up everything they say!

And there are two big reasons why you want to register for this exclusive online event immediately.

First, because the last special event Jason Bodner held, only 3,331 people got access, and the people who were unable to make it to the main event were very disappointed.

And second, because in this remarkable free 4-day investment training event, Jason will show you:

Here Are Just Some of the 4,696 winners identified as “strong buys” by the system’s backtest

The system identified twice as many winners as losers… And the average winner gained more than three times the losers.

HLSSF 3,972% NFLX 2,728%
REGN 2,199% MELI 1,454%
GMCR 1,435% BIDU 2,453%
BKNG 6,946% AAPL 1,924%
CELG 1,323% NTES 3,032%
ISRG 4,489% UTHR 1,483%
CME 1,802% BMRN 1,340%
VRSN 1,345% AMZN 7,037%
PENN 1,471% STZ 1,797%
SHW 1,928% PII 1,541%
RAL 2,050% POOL 1,546%
ORLY 1,972% BIIB 3,555%
STCN 2,492% AZO 2,214%

And That’s Only
24 of 4,696 Winners

For the First Time On This Exclusive Broadcast,
You’ll Discover…

And as Jason will explain, there has never been a better time for you to do this.

This is a one-time-only investment event you don’t want to miss.

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