His Former Firm Helped Create
Wall Street’s Fastest High-Speed Trading System…

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Now, On Wednesday, April 24th, Jason Bodner Will Reveal
How His New System Can Spot America’s Fastest-Growing
Stocks—Up to 30 Days Before They Soar

BONUS FREE Masterclass On How To Spot America’s Fastest-Growing
Stocks + Chance To Claim Jason’s #1 Recommendation

Today, as part of a special limited-time release, you have the opportunity to learn from a true Wall Street legend—for free.

This gentleman’s name is Jason Bodner. And he was so influential on Wall Street…

President Clinton visited his trading desk. So did President Bush.

New York Times best-sellers were written in honor of him and his colleagues.

Even Bloomberg (the $10 billion financial giant) asked to partner with Jason.

In short:

Jason Bodner

Jason Bodner is “one of the biggest power players on Wall Street.”

— Lucas Downey


During this special 3-part masterclass, you will discover the hardest-won secrets of Jason’s 18-year career on Wall Street.


Plus, much more…

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And when you do, you’ll reserve your spot to…


On Wednesday, April 24th at 8:00 pm ET…

Jason will be unveiling the biggest breakthrough of his career—a system he says is even more powerful than the one he helped Cantor Fitzgerald create in 2012.

As you probably know, that’s saying a lot.

In 2012, billion-dollar Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald and their new high-speed trading system stunned everyone.

Time Magazine… the New York TimesThe Daily Telegraph… 60 Minutes… all reported on this system, which could “look into the future” up to 30 milliseconds and extract a penny per share of stock.

It was, hands down, the fastest high-speed trading system in Wall Street history.

But now, after seven years…

And assembling a team of 17 Ivy League data scientists and engineers to test its abilities…

Jason Bodner, a former Cantor Fitzgerald partner, is ready to make history again.

For The First Time Ever, Jason Bodner Will Fully
Unveil His Breakthrough System On April 24th.
And YOU Are Invited.

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Securing exclusive access to this event for our readers took seven months. It was painstaking.

But make no mistake: It was worth it.

Thanks To His System, Jason Can Identify Wall Street’s Biggest (And Potentially Most Lucrative) Trades—Up To 30 Days In Advance.

Forget fractions of a second and pennies per share…

Both Jason’s speed advantage and profit potential are now unprecedented.

Before insiders…

Before the media…

Even before the SEC…

He can target stocks that could have returned as much as $9,385, in just one trading day. In other words: From the opening bell… all the way until the closing bell… Jason has the potential to grow hundreds to thousands of dollars richer, every hour the market is open.

These are the fastest growing stocks in America…

The stocks that billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb, Joel Greenblatt, Jim Simons… as well as elite hedge funds and trillion-dollar asset managers like Blackstone, Guggenheim, and Allianz don’t want anyone to know they’re secretly buying behind the scenes.

And right now, Jason’s identifying them like clockwork.

In 2018, Jason’s system would have correctly pinpointed no less than two of the soon-to-be fastest-growing stocks in America… EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

  • January

    DE: $3,190 | CAT: $1,520

  • February

    IAC: $8,060 | EA: $3,205

  • March

    ADBE: $2,070 | SPGI: $370

  • April

    ISRG: $2,440 | MEOH: $4,180

  • May

    HFC: $17,690 | VLO: $6,130

  • June

    ASML: $2,940 | EW: $1,725

  • July

    ILMN: $4,790 | ORLY: $5,190

  • August

    ROST: $3,005 | LULU: $9,890

  • September

    ULTA: $4,225 | GRMN: $975

  • October

    VMW: $2,690 | MKC: $1,590

  • November

    LLY: $230 | MASI: $135

  • December

    INTU: $8,715 | CHKP: $4,240

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The Reason You Want To Attend
This Exclusive Event

These are extraordinary results…

Frankly, for most investors they will seem impossible…

But in 2019, Jason’s system has shown no signs of slowing down. For instance, ever heard of Xilinx? Few people have. And yet, earlier this year (on January 24th), this obscure semiconductor company became the #1 stock on the Nasdaq… outperforming powerhouses like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Not only would Jason’s system have notified you a month before it went on to soar 45%, but if you got in and out on the January spike…

It could’ve helped you make $9,385.

All in the space of one trading day. A matter of hours.

And here’s the best part:

No matter your age, net worth, or expertise… if you have a computer or cellphone… you have the chance to profit from Jason’s strategy with less than 20 minutes of “work” a month.

In Jason’s words:

Jason Bodner

“I was working 16-hour days on Wall Street. I barely had time to see my family at dinner. Now, I can work as few as 20 minutes, right from my home in Florida. I’m growing wealthier than ever before… everyday is like vacation.”

That’s right. Jason’s system has been so insanely profitable for him, he was able to leave his highly coveted partnership on Wall Street without batting an eye… and move his family to one of the wealthiest zip codes in America: Palm Beach, Florida.

Today, if his youngest son wants to go to the arcade at noon… Jason will take him. If his oldest son wants to spend a weekend in Miami meeting his favorite artists backstage (like Grammy Award-winning DJ Skrillex)… Jason will take him.

This Deserves Your Immediate Attention

Register for the VIP event list right now. And you will be glad you did.

Doing so will grant you FREE admission to the full official unveiling of Jason’s breakthrough system on Wednesday, April 24th, at 8:00 pm ET.

During this exclusive event, Jason will be doing something he’s never done before… and may never do again…

He will show attendees how to claim access to his research and #1 recommendation, so you can have the opportunity to see the power of his methods at work in your own account.

Training Previously Reserved for
Private Clients with A Net Worth of $10 Million or More

There’s also a special bonus for attendees that’s not for sale anywhere else. It’s a 3-part masterclass where Jason not only takes you under the hood of his system… but shares the hard-won moneymaking secrets of his 18-year career as a top Wall Street exec.

Over the past two decades, only the heaviest hitters on Wall Street had access to Jason’s expertise. In fact, when he was partner at Cantor Fitzgerald, you needed at least a $10 million net worth to speak with him on the phone. So, this masterclass is something everyone will not be able to wait to get their hands on.

Here’s what you need to do right now:

Enter your email below… secure your 3-part masterclass bonus… and get ready to have your eyes opened by Jason on April 24th—as well as see for yourself the wealth-building power of his system and how you can make his strategy work in your own account with his #1 recommendation.


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